Demo version: Track above is a demo version and will play 50% of the song. All purchased tracks are complete mp3s (100%).

Songwriters: Lyrics: Phillip Gardner | Music: Michael Gardner and Phillip Gardner

Story Behind The Song: I believe this was the first song we recorded, maybe at the same time we laid down tracks for Heart With DeLorean Doors. This one was written with the Tennessee bunch (songs), and is one of the very few that began with the words before any music was written. Its inception came from two intersecting thoughts. I had ambivalent feeling about Music Television, which I thought was great for video art and terrible for music. For the first time, people weren’t creating their own mental images, their own stories to the music they listened to. Instead, music became a backing track to somebody else’s dream or story. You’d hear these shitty songs and somebody would say, “But you have to see the video!” MTV became the only portal to an audience, narrowing not expanding music’s possibilities. So these thoughts are running through my head while I’m reading a book about Aldous Huxley. There is a great moment when Huxley is standing before a painting titled “Transition.” Huxley, not impressed, lays his head to one side and says, “If you read it (the word “Transition”) backwards, it says, ‘No it isn(‘t) art.'” And I thought, yeah, that’s how I feel about the M in MTV. In my fantasy, Ringo sings this one.

The song’s tempo feels a little slow until we get to the outro. There, Michael’s guitar playing takes the song into a new dimension. The whole thing just takes off. He recorded the lead as Kenny was laying down the drum track. (Michael and I had done the other tracks first.) Listen to how well the two of them play off one another. – – Phillip Gardner