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Songwriters: Lyrics: Phillip Gardner | Music: Michael Gardner

Story Behind The Song: This one was just a riff, actually a guitar line that Michael gave to a song David Plehn wrote long ago. Pee Wee plays bass on it. It is sort of a Frank Zappa treatment of a Van Morrison song in terms of melody and lyric. Morrison sometimes does songs that to eastern North Carolinians sounds like beach music, meaning Van is drawing from the same R&B roots as The Embers. Also, Van sometimes slurs his words. Zappa, too, draws from those roots but in a satirical way. So the lyrics are really nonsense (Silent stasis/Why do I do what I don’t want, I do./ Salad places/ I’ll make them there for you) and the hook, “Sweet Little Girl. . .” has a bit of “Cover that girl in chocolate syrup” in it.  – – Phillip Gardner