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Songwriters: Lyrics: Phillip Gardner | Music: Michael Gardner and Phillip Gardner

Story Behind The Song: I wrote this one in my apartment and immediately called Michael’s studio answering machine to record it before I forgot it. I always thought of it as kind of a funny song, not serious at all. I like the middle because I wanted it to sound like Paul and John shouting the lines. Michael really makes that happen. Audley came in at some point during the recording, and he said, “That’s sad, man.” He meant the first line, “Susan, I saw you on the street with a sofa at your feet.” And I hadn’t thought about it. But it IS sad. Audley, he’s an introspective and sensitive guy, a History major, who, when the occasion calls for it, can play guitar like a machine gunner.

There were times — maybe too many times — when the studio work scene became a social scene. Michael is way more social than I am. He is a front man by nature; it is in his blood and character. He’s attracted to people and people to him. He has a great sense of humor and a generous nature. I’m not really shy, but I’d say I’m more private. I can spend the better part of my days alone, writing short stories or screenplays. Not my brother. Michael has been “public” since he was fifteen. So it is understandable that people would show up late.

This was one of those nights. Kenny looked at Michael and they did the telepathic transfer and Kenny reached for a different snare to record the middle section. Kenny asked me about the slide guitar section, and I said I thought it needed a kind of cymbal wash with percussion on top. Then somebody grabs a tambourine and somebody else picks up a stick and a wooden block and Michael rolls the tape.  – – Phillip Gardner