Demo version: Track above is a demo version and will play 50% of the song. All purchased tracks are complete mp3s (100%).

Songwriters: Lyrics: Michael Gardner | Music: Michael Gardner

Story Behind The Song: Michael had been on vacation, to one of the islands I think, where he wrote this one. He may play all the parts. It really does capture a mood, a sort of out-there point of view and vibe. The line, “Everything’s the opposite of what it is,” I lifted May Pang’s book, Loving John, and is credited to Harry Nilsson. The little diversion that begins, “Herding blind Chihuahuas, fly-flapping their behinds . . .” I got from a story in the Columbia, S.C. newspaper about a woman who painted her windows black resulting in blind dogs. I wasn’t the only one to see the potential in that piece. It showed up in a poem by Ken Autrey and in a story by George Singleton, I believe.  – – Phillip Gardner