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Songwriters: Lyrics: Phillip Gardner | Music: Michael Gardner and Phillip Gardner

Story Behind The Song: PKM performed this one. In musical terms, it is unlike anything else they played, residing in a genre seemingly unrelated to their other material. When I wrote the words for it, I imagined an artist composing with paint made of microchips so small they would be liquid and that the artist’s image, these microchips, would continuously change color, or what we now call “morph.” This was before the days of computer software for pixel art.

I had just moved back to South Carolina from the Cumberland Mountains, and maybe the idea for the song came from my experience there. I had always been a flatlander, so being surrounded by mountains day after day was a new visual and psychological experience for me. At first, I felt trapped, smothered. But later I realized that the mountains—what we see when we look at them—are constantly changing because what we see is not just mountain but shadow. As the sun moves, the mountains change. So there is an element of the kaleidoscopic effect going on. It was that effect I was going for in the lyric.

I’ve always thought  this would make a great U-2 song, and even now it stands out in the mix from other songs. It is a song that has aged well, I’d say.  – – Phillip Gardner