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Award: Semi-finalist in Billboard’s Songwriter’s Contest

Songwriters: Lyrics: Phillip Gardner | Music: Michael Gardner and Phillip Gardner

Story Behind The Song: Michael sent me a track PKM was working on. And I let them down. I don’t remember my frame of mind at the time, but I listened to this track and I wrote lyrics and melody for a song called Supply and Demand, which I’m guessing had some not-so-subtle political statement. What was I thinking? Anyway, they played it for a while, but for good reason it didn’t resonate with their audience. So here is my apology, especially to Pee Wee. When I wrote for PKM, I most often wrote for Pee Wee (we both most often sang the high parts).  When the song came up during the Gardners of Soule period, I immediately heard what the track was saying, which wasn’t “save the whales.”  The vocal is just right for Pee Wee, and his delivery to PKM fans would have added another crowd pleaser to that band’s list.

As for this version, unless you are an exceedingly poor reader, there’s not much beyond the title to talk about. I think that if there is an art to writing the adolescent rock song, it is in the clever turn of familiar phrases and clichés, which is what this one aims for. It was a semi-finalist in Billboard’s  Songwriter’s Contest way back when, which I take to mean it ranked in the top one percent of entries. – – Phillip Gardner