Demo version: Track above is a demo version and will play 50% of the song. All purchased tracks are complete mp3s (100%).

Songwriters: Lyrics: Phillip Gardner | Music: Michael Gardner and Phillip Gardner

Story Behind The Song: We wrote whatever we wanted. For example, one song, not included on these cds, is called Take Two Broken Hearts. One night after a session we were tossing around ideas and one of us said, “Let’s write a slow song, something for the last slow dance of the prom.” Jimmy Falzone helped engineer and produce an early version. Carter Minor sings that one, just really nails it. Maybe we can get it out sometime. The point is that we’d take an idea and run with it. Keep Calling was another pop tune shaped by a traditional pop narrative: “You love her, you fool. Don’t let her go!” And in that very romantic way, the narrative succeeds with the refrain, “Nobody’s crying now.” Michael, Kenny, Rob or Audley will have to comment on the creation of the tracks; I wasn’t present. But I believe the vocal hook, Keep Calling, was in place when I first heard the track. I just wrote around that.

Most of our songs have few keyboard parts, but when I hear this one now, especially in how Michael delivers the verses and the basic scheme of the song, I think it is a Billy Joel song. Never thought of it that way when we were writing it, but now I’d like to hear Billy do it.  – – Phillip Gardner