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Songwriters: Lyrics: Michael Gardner | Music: Michael Gardner

Story Behind The Song: When Michael’s fans think of him, my guess is that they see the ROCK Michael Gardner, and for good reason. But his writing, as I think these records show, forms a very wide arc. PKM wrote and performed ballads, but that’s not where they made their mark. (Included in their repertoire at one point was a ballad called My Kind of Girl. I wish they’d recorded that one.) In This Moment is the ballad Michael Gardner at his best.

I contributed some lyrics and Kenny adds drums at the end, but that beautiful, catchy melody is all Michael. I loved it the first time I heard it. I hope he’ll tell us more about its writing. It is one of the more recent ones.

It is also an important song. I stand by that claim at a time when important songs are rarely heard. We all have to find ways to reconcile our lives with the way events unfold for us. Like most people, we wrestle with the BIG questions for most of our lives—or at least we should. Without getting too philosophical, this is where I’ve landed, at least for the time being. On any given a day, an airplane falls on someone; someone wins the lottery. Call it Chaos Theory if you want. In other words, at the same time that the most terrible things might happen, chaos also makes possible miracles with a capital M. So at this moment, perhaps there is a terrorist in a subway; and at this moment there is a father who fully recognizes the miracle that is his child. Same moment.

Terror only works if the object of that terror lives in fear, if fear controls his life. And so the statement Michael makes at the end of the song, “But we won’t live this way,” says that we won’t perpetuate fear and we won’t live by it either.

That, my friends, is an important message. So here’s my highest compliment: Damn, I wish I’d written that song. – – Phillip Gardner