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Songwriters: Lyrics: Michael Gardner | Music: Michael Gardner and Rob Kearnes

Story Behind The Song: This too is a very early one, and I have the fondest memories tied to it. PKM had a powerful influence on young players in the Southeast, among them Robert and Audley, who had been band mates in Sidewinder. So I met them after Michael, Kenny and I began recording. Some of the songs required a band, Michael and Kenny said. Audley and Rob were the best. And the two were just wonderful to be with; music aside, they were just great people to be around. Audley, in those days was a little more reserved in manner than Robert, whose enthusiasm and joy would not be restrained.

And so there was this track, I Don’t Want To the Lonely, and the vocal hook was, I believe Robert’s. My guess is that he and Michael wrote the music. And so I come into the studio one evening and Robert hovers over the console listening to the track, and he lifts his head and sings at full volume, “I . . .Don’t want to be lonely!” and I step beside him and he throws his arm over my shoulder and the two of us are like old howlers singing the chorus and la-la-ing improvised lyrics for the verses.

As writers, we admired traditional models, and so the lyric for this one falls into the “let me tell you how much I love you as I explain that I don’t love you at all” kind of song. And when I hear it, Robert is as effervescent as he was that night I saw him at the console. – – Phillip Gardner