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Songwriters: Lyrics: Phillip Gardner | Music: Michael Gardner and Phillip Gardner

Story Behind The Song: My early songwriting partner was not Michael. I was a student at UNC Charlotte when Michael graduated from high school. He’d been a member of a really talented band, Ball & Tear, in Goldsboro, and I’d arranged an audition for them at a Charlotte club called The Cellar. At seventeen these guy were doing Allman Bro. and Zepplin, but the club owner wasn’t about to hire under-aged players at his club. But Michael liked the big city feel of Charlotte and its music scene. (Our older brother Dennis had preceded me there.) So as soon as school was out he moved in with me. I believe he had a steady gig with Grand Central, a Chicago-like horn band, within two weeks. Grand Central was a real working band, and Michael was on the road more than at home. One of his friends from Goldsboro, David Plehn, had come with Michael on visits, and soon David moved into my hippie house. He was smart and funny and extremely talented, both as an artist and as a musician. David and I began writing songs together. It was a friendship and writing partnership that lasted for more than ten years.

In 1983, I took a teaching position in the Cumberland Mountains. PKM seemed destined to big-league success, and although my involvement with them was peripheral, I missed the creative access to the band. For the three years I lived in the mountains, I continued writing songs, putting down very rough versions (I’m a lousy guitar player) on tape. By the time Michael’s studio was up and running, I think he wanted a break from the PKM thing and to develop his recording and producing interests. So when we got together, he wanted to record other people’s songs, I think (although his generosity runs so deep it’s hard to know). At any rate, I had these songs I’d laid down in Tennessee. I think Heart With DeLorean Doors was the second song we recorded, Michael, Kenny, and I.

In writing this one, I thought of an Elvis Costello/John Lennon collaboration, Elvis singing the verses and Lennon the chorus. (You take your creativity wherever you can find it.) I’d never been a lead singer, and I remember standing in the booth when we recorded the first vocal track. The space was small and intimate, everything covered in carpet. The track was clean and bright. Later when everything was added, I sang a second track (that Lennon double-track effect) in the studio while Kenny and Michael watched in the control room. And something unexpected happened. When I got to the chorus at the end, my voice did a thing on its own: It sang harmony. I didn’t know where it came from, but Kenny looked as if that other singer was doing the right thing.  – – Phillip Gardner