Demo version: Track above is a demo version and will play 50% of the song. All purchased tracks are complete mp3s (100%).

Songwriters: Lyrics: Phillip Gardner | Music: Michael Gardner and Phillip Gardner

Story Behind The Song: This one may have been recorded before Red light/Accelerator, but I think of the two songs as coming at the same time. It was on the same crappy cassette as Red Light. At conception, I thought of this one as a performance number. From the opening riff you know this song is about to make a statement. I believe that we opened our shows with this one.

And like Red Light, Robert’s bass holds the song in his grip.

We recorded three versions. The final one, the one you hear, is most influenced by Kenny and includes Kelly Holland singing the chorus. It was my idea to try to get Kelly on it, and Michael set it up. I’m a tremendous Kelly Holland fan. In my book, he ranks in the top five rock singers of all time.

Reliable Music Company in Charlotte should be remembered for its belief and dedication to music and musicians. There were people in those days, owners of clubs and music stores, radio people, who really believed in music, not just in using music to make money. The day after our first gig at The Attic, we played a battle of the bands sponsored by Reliable Music. We played at least three of the songs on this cd, including this one. The performance, or about ten minutes of it, was recorded on video, the only live footage that I remember of the band. We received a copy, but it has been lost I’m sorry to say. We won the competition.

Face To Fall On, like many of these songs, is structured by its narrative, the story of dignity. Over the past few years, events remind me that the least a person should have is a face to fall on.  – – Phillip Gardner