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Songwriters: Lyrics: Phillip Gardner | Music: Michael Gardner and Phillip Gardner

Story Behind The Song: We were having a great, great time. We had come of age listening to all kinds of music, and we wanted to roll around in the primal stew of that great music. Sometimes–actually often–a song would tell you what it had to be. The first time I heard the opening guitar licks for this one, I knew it had to be a WHO song. Their stuff makes you think of song as story, you know, TOMMY and all of that. I thought of our close friend, Craig Newman, whom we’d known since we were in elementary school. Craig has always been an artist, always. When he was in fifth grade, he’s go to the lower grades and perform magic tricks. We were roommates and made a film together in college before he moved to California and later worked for George Lucas. Being an artist in rural eastern North Carolina came at a cost in those days, a penance paid in ridicule and scorn, and Craig paid his dues. He was shy in public, careful not to stand out too much. But at school dances he released his inhibitions, dancing with wild abandon, the world be damned. And I see him out there whenever I hear this song. He was a part of its writing.  – – Phillip Gardner