Demo version: Track above is a demo version and will play 50% of the song. All purchased tracks are complete mp3s (100%).

Songwriters: Lyrics: Phillip Gardner | Music: Michael Gardner and Kenny Soule

Story Behind The Song: Michael sent me a rehearsal tape with a song that began with a heavy Kenny Soule drum and blistering guitar riff, and from somewhere off the mic  Michael shouts, “I don’t want you for your money—.“  Now with a song like this, you don’t want to be all philosophical and introspective. (I’ll write later about making this mistake.) I mean really. You hear Kenny and Michael’s send off and you just want to NOT mess that up. Like so many of these songs, this one just tells you what it wants to be, and if you’re the guy who writes the words/melodies, you just follow orders.

This is another one written in the early phase-one of the band, with Audley and Robert, one that was on the original playlist. It’s a good one to roller skate to. – – Phillip Gardner