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Songwriters: Lyrics: Michael Gardner | Music: Michael Gardner and Kenny Soule

Story Behind The Song: You must know that these cds are first and foremost a testament to Michael’s talent. He IS the Gardners of Soule, the only common feature and talent that unites all of these songs. He wrote or co-wrote most of them, plays on all of them, sings on most of them, recorded, engineer and produced most of them.

Be My Girl is Michael and Kenny. I believe this one came during what I’d call the Middle Period, but I could be wrong. It may have been written and recorded between Audley and Robert’s moving on to form Cry of Love and our replacing them with Too Tall and Scottie.

Sometimes when I’d drive up to Raleigh for a weekend’s writing and playing (I live in South Carolina) I’d know what we would be working on. Other times I wouldn’t. But there was never a wasted trip, never a time when I didn’t come home with something, never a time when what we created wasn’t better than anything we could have done just on our own.

So I walk into the studio and Michael says, “Listen to this.” He’s mixing a drum track that has the Kenny Soule thing, meaning your neck begins that involuntary Camel-neck thing, you know, bobbing up & down and up & down. Then this falsetto thing happens, I don’t want to be mistreated… . Michael smiles from above the console. “Prince,” he says.  – – Phillip Gardner