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Songwriters: Lyrics: Phillip Gardner | Music: Michael Gardner and Phillip Gardner

Musicians: Phillip Gardner – Lead vocals | Michael Gardner – Guitar | Kenny Soule – Drums/Percussion | Audley Freed – Lead Guitar | Rob Kearns – Bass

Story Behind The Song: Audley Freed’s career speaks for itself (Black Crowes, Jimmy Page, Dixie Chicks, Sheryl Crow) and guitar players are justified to sit slack-jawed when they see and hear him play. But he’s also a fine writer. Even before he and Robert Kearns came on board, they were working on forming their own band, and Audley was writing for what would become Cry of Love. Anyone who can play like Audley is a musical monster, but what fans may not see is how kind and generous Audley is as a player and person. Same for Robert. Authentic human beings, those two.

So Audley comes in with a riff that is soooo Jimi Hendrix you feel there’s some channeling going on. There is just no question. It’s slow and bluesy, so controlled and yet so reckless. When I hear it I immediately think of Hey Joe. The only problem is that Hey Joe has already been written. The Hendrix song is told from an observer’s point of view: “Hey, Joe, where you going with that gun in your hand?”  So somewhere in there, I think, What would Joe’s story be if he told it. I’d try to tell it from the inside-out.  Now I’m not sure if that was the right song to write, the right treatment,  because when you tell a story in the first  person that story becomes intimate, and I don’t know how intimate we want to be with the speaker in the song. But we weren’t being cerebral; instead, we were all following the intuition that was guiding us at that time.

It is a haunting song, I think, and every aspect of its performance—the playing that you’d expect—supports that effect.  – – Phillip Gardner