In the early 90s Kenny joined forces with Raleigh blues rockers Automatic Slim.  At the same time, a new R&B-flavored studio project with producer/visionary John Custer was taking shape. This project, called DAG, signed to Columbia/Sony shortly after their first gig.  The following year (1994) saw the release of DAG’s “Righteous” album  to international acclaim, and DAG became a solid touring act in the US and Europe. DAG released a second cd (Apartment #635) later in the decade, to critical acclaim. However by late 1999, the band had run it’s course.

In 2001, Kenny relocated to NYC and immediately dove into blues-rock scene. He toured the US and Europe with LA-based Walter Trout for the next year, and also teamed up with Americana songstress Mary McBride. Kenny found a home in the NYC community, with extensive recording and gigging with Emily Duff, soul legend Sam Moore, The Demolition String Band, Eric “Roscoe” Ambel, Sean Kershaw, Ivan “Funkboy” Bodely, and others.

Kenny currently resides in Queens. His basement studio is constantly active with drum tracking, and mixing. His website is

Bands: Before & After Gardners of Soule


Sam Moore (Sam & Dave)



Emily Duff

My 3 Sons