Becoming GOS


The distinctions between being “city” and being “country” have become so blurred that it’s sometimes hard to tell what’s upside down and what’s right side up.   What once was country has gone city and vise-a-versa.  Perhaps this reversal is a part of a pattern.  There was a time, after all, when telephone service was delivered through a wire and television service was delivered over the air, not the other way around; a

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How Gardners of Soule Came To Be


At one point, Michael, Kenny and I talked about a Gardner’s of Soule record cover. Picture this: You are in the ocean facing a long pier that juts out into the water. Built upon the pier is an old, weathered clapboard inn. Like a bomber squadron flying straight at you, dead-on between the tall columns of timbers, nearly skimming the water below, are enormous flying ants. Only they don’t have the faces

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